These walls, they’re bare. Bare as the heart that I had once filled and full. These walls, with a fresh coat of paint and patched up holes. No longer barren, no longer bare. You’ve lost your home. You’re pacing wooden floorboards, new. Creaks from once before, lost to what it…


Must it be that of which requires effort? Must it be that to which pleasure can be? Must it be that that brings food to the table? Must it be that that we dub hard work?

Is therapy work?


Must it be a demand or an order…

They show up with a pamphlet, to warn you when your loved one is dying. Hospice nurses, they know the signs; and they show up with a pamphlet, a soft pink, for you to read. …

If living is a choice, did choosing not to die equate to a re-entering into the circus of the living?

Familiar grounds can begin to seem as if an unfamiliar territory. With bags packed and a heart steeled, you had left keys behind to another land seek family. A mistake or an inevitability? Your luggage now stowed away at your beginning, with baggage still relatively aplenty. When you leave, you…

Gifts and Talents;

Do we, did we, unwrap and repackage them for a commercial audience?

Or did we, do we, share them
around a metaphysical fire
surrounded by trusted companionships?

Gifts, and Talents;

do we incur restfulness albeit exhaustion?
can one live with and without
one and neither?

It’s a resource that creates opportunities.

image by yours truly || I had believed maybe, there ought be drawn money trees

It’s no secret that our beliefs shape our reality. That the causal relationship of our existence with the planes of reality that we’re both a part of and apart from, stems first and foremost from our understanding and perception of it.

|| are you living, or are you dying? are…

Corliss Cheng

an artist writing, a writing artist; a creative pending life’s mysteries and understandings, with reality mixed in:

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