A Matter of,

Corliss Cheng
2 min readJun 5, 2021

Gifts and Talents;

Do we, did we, unwrap and repackage them for a commercial audience?

Or did we, do we, share them
around a metaphysical fire
surrounded by trusted companionships?

Gifts, and Talents;

do we incur restfulness albeit exhaustion?
can one live with and without
one and neither?

Do we run risk of rampancy with our urgencies?
Did we run risk of complacency in our consistencies?

Can we imagine a time before passion and ambition?
Could we have imagined this?

The beginnings,

When did your past time become a preventive?
When have I begun the crafting of my past time into a preventive?

When did you start on the ending of your narrative. ||

When will they understand and see,

Talents and Gifts;
unopened presents and a captivated audience and readership,

I am my reasons and
the foundations of my struggles that have been and will be if I not cease_

I am neither the expression
nor exhibition of
my talents and my gifts;

I am the will and intention
to and of my decisions_

each stroke, each sentence;
does it stoke or extinguish
one’s will and one’s passion,
one’s acceptance and an allowance

for and of existence?


Can it be forgiven?
Can it be forgotten?
Can it go unspoken?

That the stepping off of from a height that could be fatal,
was from a deep need to and of self-preservation

in my arrogance,

in my self-centered sense of conceit,

I see a gift,
I recognize a talent,

in and to my presence,
because of and not in spite of my existence —

so waste not,
want not,

why not

where am I to next harbour my dark thoughts

but across from a trained professional
whilst seated on a chair
built for comfort
and a reminder nonetheless of
my own despair and disappointment

a gift talented_

Corliss Cheng

an artist writing, a writing artist; a creative pending life’s mysteries and understandings …